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This group visited a number of churches and projects. Some of the projects we have been working on and a few new ones CCPT is looking at to be involved with.

Partnership Mission Trip

CUBA 2018

The Canadian-Cuban Project Team is currently seeking individuals to join our work team to continue work on the ministry training center in Palmira, Cuba. This partnership project will develop a center where Cuban pastors and lay persons can come together and be trained how to spread the good news of Jesus our Saviour across the country.

Our team will partner with Cuban ministry workers eager to fulfill their vision of this training centre.

While there you will be able to develop a lasting partnership with the Cuban people. Your partnership in this project will have a far reaching impact on the development of the Cuban BIC Church as it grows across the entire island. The team will also have the opportunity to worship and pray with our Cuban brothers and sisters during our time there.

2011 Architectural drawing of Leadership Training Conference Center Palmira, Cuba

Architectural drawing of Leadership Training Conference Center Palmira, Cuba

Watch a 3D view of the building.

Are you ready to be a partner in this inspiring project?

Approx. cost: $1500.00

Partner space is limited!!!

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The Early Days:

In 1952 Rev. Harry Hock held evangelistic and holiness services in Cuba. The following year, Hock and several BIC couples returned for a work/ministry team with a large tent. An old Baptist Church was refurbished and painted by the men while the women did children ministries. The BIC Board of World Missions (BICWM) affirmed Rev. Dale and Betty Ulery staying on during 1954. In 1955 Howard and Pearl Wolgemuth were assigned as active missionaries by the BIC BWM. In 1958 John and Ruth Pawelski were assigned to another congregation also by the BIC BWM.

1959 was the year of triumph of the Revolution led by Fidel Castro. By 1961 the Communist government ordered all foreign missionaries to leave Cuba. The Wolgemuths mentored Juana Garcia who became the first BIC president in Cuba. The Wolgemuths were allowed for a brief return visit to assist Juana Garcia in registering the Brethren in Christ with the new government and becoming a member of the Cuban Council of Churches. This proved very advantageous in the 1990’s when rapid growth took place.

The Silent Years:

1961 thru 1976 were known as the “silent years”. During these 15 years there was no communication back and forth with the mother church in North America.

However, in 1976, Rev. Ross Nigh the Canadian BIC Mission Board Secretary, secured a Cuban visa. He found the Cuban church intact with two congregations with 32 members under the faithful and courageous leadership of President Juana Garcia and Pastor Eduardo Lanes. Then for the next four years communication flowed freely between the Canadian and Cuban BIC Churches. Rev. Roy Sider visited there as well.

Following these visits, Juana Garcia was granted permission to visit churches in Canada.

Winds of Change:

As the 1990s dawned change was in the wind as government restriction began to loosen in regards to the church in Cuba. In the Brethren in Christ church there, change too was happening, as the youthful and energetic leader Daniel Cabrera replaced the aging Juana Garcia as President of the Cuba BIC church. The house church movement was allowed to flourish and Billy Graham was permitted by the Communist Government to hold a crusade. Over a decade later, President Daniel Cabrera moved to the United States and the present President, Francisco (Frank) Martinez, was elected in 2005 by the Cuban BIC Church to be their leader to lead them into the 21st Century.

Consolidating for the Future:

Under President Frank Martinez’s strong and capable leadership the church continues to grow and strengthen. By the end of the year 2009, as reported at their 2010 Annual Pastors meeting, there were 3,988 members, 82 churches and 94 cell groups worshiping weekly with an attendance of around 6000. President Frank’s priorities are: (1) To register all the churches with the Cuban National Council of Churches, and (2) “To plant churches in all the major centers of this Island Nation of 11,500,000 people. In order to accomplish this major undertaking, the construction of a Training and Conference Center is most crucial and is presently is under construction at Palmira, with the combined efforts of Canadian and Cuban Churches. The training of church planters, pastors and lay leaders is critical to reaching this nation for Christ.

Today the church in Cuba is under the leadership of a new board and president.

Canadian – Cuban Projects Team Inc. (CCPT)

The idea of the CCPT was suggested by BIC Board for World Missions leadership, and birthed by its present Board of Directors, as a non-profit corporation with charitable status, to provide funding and assistance for major projects approved and prioritized by BIC Cuba national Church Council. The CCPT will help where the Cuban BIC’s are unable to help themselves, by sending work/ministry teams and major contributions.

Raising Funds:

The CCPT will make available to individuals, small groups, churches, senior residences and church conferences, the presentation of The Cuba Story, which can be adapted to the group size and time frame with power point and pictures, question and answers, and how to make a contribution. Various methods and ways of giving contributions are: (1) three year commitment (2) one time gift, (3) any interest transfer from the Brethren in Christ Fund (BICF) ,(4) include CCPT in ones will, (5) on-line credit card.

Materials will be given to the participants enabling them to contribute as the Lord gives them ability to do so.

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