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CCPT Mission Statement

The Canadian Cuban Project Team is a group of Canadian Be In Christ and other Anabaptist Pastors and Leaders dedicated to partnering with the Brethren In Christ Church in Cuba to reach the following objectives:

  • Raise funds for capital projects in Cuba approved by and in support of the Brethren In Christ Cuban Missionary Society.
  • Enable our Cuban brothers and sisters who belong to the Brethren In Christ Missionary Society to fulfill their mission in ways that model and support sustainable, healthy growth.
  • Prioritize projects in Cuba that strengthen leadership training and church planting in the Cuban Brethren In Christ Church.
  • Organize short term work/ ministry teams to participate in approved projects in Cuba.

Canadian Cuban Projects Team is an independent not-for-profit corporation, the CCPT works along side of the  and aims to assist with additional financial and human resources that are not available to BIC Canada for Cuba. As a Charitable Organization, the CCPT is  for approved projects for BIC Cuba to complete these objectives.

CCPT Contact Information

Mailing Address

Canadian Cuban Project Team 
c/o Tom Davies
23046 Burkett Rd.
Wainfleet, ON L0S 1V0

Canadian Cuban Project Team Directors:


Pastor Gordon Gilmore
63253 Winger Road, RR#1 Wellandport, Ontario, L0R 2J0
905 386-6964

Assistant Chairperson

Dwight A. Hennessy


Christopher Frinkbiner


Tom Davies
23046 Burkett Road, Wainfleet, Ontario, L0S 1V0
905 734-5454

Fund Raising Coordinator

Mark Lundy