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2018 Projects

A word from the President – Gord Gilmore:

THE CANADIAN CUBAN PROJECTS TEAM as a registered Canadian charitable organization is grateful for the opportunity we have had to serve the Lord and BIC Cuba for another year – 2018.We continue to move forward with our ministry of helping to support both smaller and bigger construction projects in Cuba in 2019. As well, we continue to prepare, sponsor and send work and ministry teams to support these projects with financial and human resources. In 2018 two CCPT sponsored teams served in Cuba a long with a separate visit from CCPT leader Gord Gilmore in May. The primary purpose of this visit was to meet with BIC Cuban leadership and prepare the way for new projects to be launched.

As you receive a charitable giving receipt for your donation(s) we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your love and support of the CCPT ministry in Cuba. The CCPT Celebration Dinner event in October raised $23,805.00 for projects in Cuba. The John and Bob Fraser Memorial Golf Tournament two years in a row raised a total of $16,000.00 for projects in Cuba. Other donations throughout the past year have been in excess of $35,000.00. Included in” other” donations was a gift of $25,000.00 specifically for Leadership Training and Biblical studies for Pastors. In October, 2018 $40,000.00 was sent to Cuba to support 10 approved CCPT/BIC Cuba projects. THANK YOU once again for your loving support and service to the Lord on behalf of BIC Cuba.

Thank you to Tom Davies for his tireless work as treasurer and projects coordinator of the Canadian Cuban Projects Team.

President of the CCPT,
Gordon Gilmore


Lajitas, Cienfuegos Province ,Cuba. This farm, animal, gardening and fruit project has great potential. This farm is up and running with primary direction from Pastor Jesus Ramon Aguila and his wife Raquel. There are many Items needed both small and big to make this farm project fully productive. This farming operation presents great possibilities to help the Palmira Training Center and the BIC churches of Cienfuegos province to be more and more self -sustaining. The CCPT has approved 7000 CUC to be released for multiple constructions at the farm at this time. $7000 Canadian has been given to buy a tractor and Implements for the farm when the legal ownership of the tractor has been decided.


Guarapeta, La Habana Province
A partial second floor that is to be constructed on the church building has been approved by the CCPT to provide several additional rooms for a small pastoral apartment that exists on the first floor on the back of the church building. The present commitment of the CCPT is 5000 CUC for this construction project.
Pastoral couple: Ramon Castillo Borje and Elizabeth Vasquez Delgado. Principe De Paz Church.


LA NUEVA JERUSALEM CHURCH– La Habana Province, Pastoral Couple-
Julio Santana Carrillo and Sarahy Sanchez Vina.

CAMINO DE RESTAURACION – Santa Clara, Villa Clara Province, Pastoral Couple- Roberto Reyes Rodriguez and Marisleiny Acosta Diaz

HOUSE CONNECTED TO PALMIRA TRAINING CENTER– Palmira, Cienfuegos Province. Supports activities of the Training Center. Repairs and renovations to existing washroom.

The CCPT has approved a sum of 1000 CUC for the construction or renovation for each of these 3 washroom facilities. Adequate washroom facilities for house churches separate from the pastoral home washrooms are very important.

SANTA AMELIA PROJECT– La Habana Province near Guarapeta. Multiple constructions- enlargement of the meeting place and repairs on the pastoral home are planned for this growing house church congregation. The CCPT has commited 2500 CUC to this project at this time.
Pastoral couple- Derly Fernandez del Valle and Tania Fonseca Alvarez.

CAMARONES PROJECT– Camarones, Cienfuegos Province. The BIC church building in this town is very old and needs to be rebuilt. Recently, part of the roof collapsed due to a rotted beam. The CCPT has committed 3000 CUC to help rebuild the Camarones meeting place.
Pastoral couple- Jose Fuentes Avilia Fuentes and Raquel Hernandez Perez.

EMANUEL PROJECT– Bayamo, Granma Provincia. This congregation and pastor have very ambitious plans for a multi-ministry outreach in their city and area. Their building plans come in 5 different stages. They indeed are a growing congregation with a big vision. The CCPT have committed 5000 CUC to assist in the development of this ministry.
Pastor– Jesus Gaddiel Acosta Jover.

LOS OLIVOS PROJECT– Bayamo,Rosa La Bayamesa ,Granma Province.
This congregation has a strong ministry to their community and region including 5 daughter churches. The CCPT has committed 2000 CUC to assist with expansion ( materials and construction) of their meeting place.
Pastoral couple- Robelio Fernandez Fonseca and Yurisleidis Poll De La Cruz.

COCHIQUERA PROJECT (Small Pig Barn)- Jamaica, Mayabeque province.
A growing number of BIC congregations and pastors are raising pigs to become more self-supporting. The Jamaica congregation- Aposento Alto hopes to build a small pig barnto increase the food supply and income of the pastoral family and congregation.This church has gifted a few pigs already to help other congregations begin a pig business. The CCPT has committed 1000 CUC to help Jamaica enlarge their ability to grow this business and build a small pig barn..
Pastoral couple- Eliezer Valdez Suarez and Midalys Coca Matin

NAZARENO PROJECT– Nazareno, Mayabeque Province. The church building in this town is one of the two original church buildings in Cuba. The pastoral apartment on the back of the church building is very small and needs enlargement. The CCPT has committed 2000 CUC to provide more space for the pastoral family.
Pastor- Jose E. Martin Torres. Congregation- Pan De Vida.

MELENA PROJECT– Melena, Mayabeque province. The Oasis congregation is growing, the space is small and in need of renovations to enlarge the meeting place. The CCPT has committed 2850 CUC to assist in this construction project.
Pastoral couple- Amado Mirabel Martinez and Niurka Guitierrez Izquierdo.