Project Coordinator’s Reports

April 16-22, 2019

Report by Project Coordinator Tom Davies

Tues April 16
8:30am bus pickup
Travel with Luis, Ricardo, Julio to Cienfuegos area projects.
Toured – THE FARM PROJECT– Lajitas, Cienfuegos Province ,Cuba. This farm, animal, gardening and fruit project has great potential. This farm is up and running with primary direction from Pastor Jesus Ramon Aguila and his wife Raquel. There are many Items needed both small and big to make this farm project fully productive. This farming operation presents great possibilities to help the Palmira Training Center and the BIC churches of Cienfuegos province to be more and more self -sustaining. The CCPT has approved $7000 CUC to be released for multiple constructions at the farm at this time. Also $5000 CUC has been given to buy a tractor and Implements for the farm when the legal ownership of the tractor has been decided.

Comments – They have 90 precent of the new house done, next week they will be asking a couple to come and live there and take up working on the farm. Have footing dug and rebar ready to start building the next phase of the house. Fencing looks good and they are working at planting yucca on the front field and continuing to clear the fence rows. Still looking for tractor – prices are higher.

Toured The Washroom Project at CAMINO DE RESTAURACION – Santa Clara, Villa Clara Province, Pastoral Couple- Roberto Reyes Rodriguez and Marisleiny Acosta Diaz
The CCPT has approved a sum of 1000 CUC for the construction or renovation for washroom facilities. Adequate washroom facilities for church building separate from the pastoral home. Washrooms are very important.

Comments – Santa Clara church has between 130 and 140 people attending, Sunday school has 6 age groups about 25 in each class. They are working on the agreement with BIC Cuba to change into the BIC church name. They have plans to enlarge the church facility. A strong church with many talented people, great children’s ministry, and good community relations.

Toured CAMARONES PROJECT– Camarones, Cienfuegos Province. The BIC church building in this town is very old and needs to be rebuilt. Recently, part of the roof collapsed due to a rotted beam. The CCPT has committed 3000 CUC to help rebuild the Camarones meeting place. Pastoral couple- Jose Fuentes Avilia Fuentes and Raquel Hernandez Perez.

Comments – Remembering that the Nov.2018 team took this church and house down because of the very poor condition it was in, the pastoral family live in a barn shelter at the back of the property with a metal roof that makes for unbearable heat for sleeping. The Church area is just beside the living area. They just got there approval to rebuild April 15/19. They have some material already but require more. We have planned for the May team to work at this site for a couple of days.

6:00pm returned to Hotel